Re: [orca-list] Structural HTML navigation by lists

Joanmarie Diggs <joanied gnome org> wrote:

What is your opinion on the object types and the shortcuts?

The original plan was to make all structural navigation objects
accessible via a list, and also make the presentation similar so
that what a user found when navigating amongst objects (especially
form fields and their labels) matched with what was found in the
lists. It sounds like your solution may be different. Whether or not
that matters is something I'll leave open for discussion.

I like the idea of Joanie's solution as described above.

As for the key bindings, it might be best to have a prefix key which accesses
the list options, followed by a mnemonic key (the same as that used in
structural navigation, by default) to choose the type of list.

Thus, for example, suppose we used shift-ctrl-l as the prefix, the list of
headings would be shift-ctrl-l h.

the shift-ctrl-l is just an example, not a proposal.

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