[orca-list] Structural HTML navigation by lists


As some of you may know I currently working on the feature request in
#620331 'Structural navigation objects should be navigable by a "list
of" dialog'.

Currently, the following lists are available:

List of anchors; accessible with Orca+Ctrl+F2
List of clickable objects; accessible with Orca+Ctrl+F3
List of form fields; accessible with Orca+Ctrl+F4
List of frames; accessible with Orca+Ctrl+F5
List of headings; accessible with Orca+Ctrl+F6
List of links; accessible with Orca+Ctrl+F7
List of all objects; accessible with Orca+Ctrl+F8

I think that the object types are sufficient. A list of paragraphs,
sections, or images is unlikely to be useful. Maybe perhaps a list of
landmarks. But I do not know any website that uses this technique. This
makes it difficult to test such a list.

The keyboard shortcuts I have assigned in alphabetical order so that the
list ends with all objects at F8.

The Ctrl modifier I had to use for the shortcuts, since Orca+F1 to
Orca+F12 are already reserved  for Mozilla's chat features.

The Windows screen reader Jaws used for its lists a similar arrangement.

List of all the lists; accessible with JAWS+F3
List of form fields; accessible with JAWS+F5
List of headings; accessible with JAWS+F6
List of links; accessible with JAWS+F7

What is your opinion on the object types and the shortcuts?


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