Re: [orca-list] Question about Unity

If you're installing Ubuntu 11.10 then you can bring up Orca during the
install by pressing control+s after you hear the drums. This will invoke
the accessibility profile and set the default desktop to Unity 2D. You
can read the accessibility notes that came out with Ubuntu 11.10 at:

You can find pointers to the Orca FAQ and documentation at the end of
each message to this list.

On 30/12/11 20:05, Christopher-Mark Gilland wrote:
I must be honest.  I have been out of the Linux world for a while now
since I got my macbook.  I'm wanting to get Ubuntu back on this hop
laptop I have so I can start playing with it again.  My question is,
I've been told that Notilest or however you  spell it, sorry, has been
replaced with the Unity desktop which I hear is quite different.  A
friend of mine clames things like alt+F1 and alt+ctrl+tab to go between
your pannels etc. no longer work the same way at all.  He couldn't
figure it out.  I'm just wondering if the installation with Orca speech
is the same process with the F5, 3, enter enter like it's always been,
and if not, where are the Orca wiki's so that I can read up and
familiarize myself with the new unity layout and dive in.

Thanks for your help.

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Christopher (CJ)
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