Re: [orca-list] Indicators [was "Re: Connecting to a wireless network"]

        Hello all,

        Sure would be nice if some of these accessibility functions 
could be added to the LSB the way the filesystem is.  We have Alt+F2 and 
type orca, Mickeysoft has Windows+U...dunno what Apple has.  Because it 
sure as hell be nice to press a certain keystroke and get the accessible 
installation, plus it sure would save a hell of a lot of posts on, "How 
do I install Ubuntu, or GRML, or Arch, or Debian, etc., etc., etc.  
Universal Access isn't very universal at all with no standards from one 
distribution to another, let alone from one operating system to another.

        When are we going to make universal Access universal?  When will 
we be able to press a key, no matter which LSB compliant distro and get 
an accessible installation, or have a screen reader/magnifier start up?  
When are we going to stop monkeying around with the trivial crap and 
actually do something intelligent for ourselves?  When are we 
handicapped going to become part of the Linux Standards Base?


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