Re: [orca-list] Connecting to a wireless network

On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 02:01:09PM EST, Christopher Chaltain wrote:
Ah, thanks Luke! I found
which gives a good description of these indicators. I also saw several
pages with links to useful indicators. Do I just need to install the
indicator for the application I'm interested in (Tomboy, Ubuntu One,
Glipper, ...) and they'll show up and I'll be able to access them with
Windows+s and/or Windows+m? Any idea why Vinux doesn't include any of
these? I'll also send this message over to the Vinux support list.

I'd need to check to be sure, but I think Vinux does come with indicators for network, sound, tomboy etc, but 
since the panel layout has been changed, you do not have the applets that host the indicators on your panel 
anywhere. You need to go to the panel, and add "Indicator Applet", and "Indicator Applet Session" to your 
panel as new applets. The names I gave for them may not be exactly correct, but if you search for indicator 
applet in the add panel window, they should come up in the resluts, and you need only press enter to add them 
to your panel.



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