[orca-list] What should 'orca -q' kill? (was Re: Odd behavior with restarting Orca)

Hey Steve, all.

Sorry for replying to my own message but I have a correction to make.
It seems that I can only kill orca from another console if it is using
the same user I started X with.

Confirmed. But I'd ask, is it a bug or a feature? <smile>

On one of my systems I have two separate users set up. I had Orca
running for each user. As root I did an 'orca -q'. With the latest
stable release (v.2.30.2), both users lost Orca. I'm not sure that's the
desired behavior. 

In Orca from master, as you state, 'orca -q' works when you are logged
in as the user associated with the Orca process you wish to kill.
Personally, I think that is the desired behavior. If you don't own a
process, you shouldn't be able to kill that process IMHO. Or rather, you
shouldn't be able to kill it without doing normal unixy sysadminy
process killing commands. <smile>

But that's just my opinion. As the subject suggests, I'm asking y'all:
What should 'orca -q' have the power to kill?

Thanks. Take care.

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