El 09/05/2010, a las 15:57, hackingKK escribió:

On Sunday 09 May 2010 07:02 PM, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:

Thanks a million.
Secondly, which orca module should I absolutely understand before diving
into code? -- especially now that it's nearly 3,000 lines shorter and
cleaned up quite a bit.<grin>

Is the cleanup code also the part of orca version 2.31.1 as well?

I am a python programmer with 3 + years of experience so this might be a
good approach for me to start with.
Very cool. I look forward to your contributions.

I can definitely do that.  Just got to get some entry point.

Happy hacking.

This is a interesting info for newcomers to orca. There is a colaborative wiki about orca somewhere ? Would 
be nice to add fastly all this info as seeds of real documentation.

Alejandro Leiva
Área de Proyectos

Emergya Consultoría
Tfno: +34 954 51 75 77
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