Hi joanie,
I would really like to know the exact result of the changes made.
I got attracted to this mail because I get the impression that this change will help new contributers.
But I don't know how exactly it will help.

Happy hacking.

On Sunday 09 May 2010 05:39 PM, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
Hey all.

Seeing as how we've gone from being a Sun-funded project to an un-funded
project, now more than ever it is critical that we grow our community of

I realize that's preaching to the choir, but please keep it in mind as
you pull and test the last Orca from master. Because I have just
committed a really, really big refactor to address the following two

* bgo#618165 - Create a Utilities class for scripts
* bgo#618166 - Orca's method names are inconsistent and sometimes

Basically, I moved a bunch of code around and gave things new names.
It's not everything we need to do in order to make working on Orca
super-approachable for new contributors, but I think it's a start which
will help.

I have tested it quite throughly:

* manual tests of many apps
* automated regression tests
* both OpenSolaris and Ubuntu

And feel it is ready to be checked in. Therefore, I've done so. I'd also
bet money that I made mistakes due to the sheer size of the task.
Therefore, I really, really need you to test this please and report any
bugs. In three weeks we have the 2.31.2 release. Even though it's an
"unstable" release and early in the cycle, my hope is that Orca v2.31.2
is stable.

Because of the changes I've made, I'd highly recommend you first do a
'make uninstall' before running autogen.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and for your understanding of this

Take care.

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