Re: [orca-list] If you use Orca master, what version of Firefox do you use?

I spent so little time with 3.6 of Firefox, I hadn't realized that the link tabbing problem was in there too. Like I said before, I especially like the way bookmarks work in Firefox 4.0 and that is sufficient reason for me to look forward and never touch 3.6; I could never get the bookmarks dialog stuff to work right with most 3.6 versions.

But that link tabbing problem is serious in my book.

On 12/29/2010 06:48 PM, Kyle wrote:
The problem of tabbing to a link, going down over multiple links and tab bringing you back to the link after the one you tabbed to seems to go back to 3.6 as well. I was actually hoping that 4.0 would solve that problem. I thought it was just me, since no one seemed to be reporting the problem in earlier versions.
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