Re: [orca-list] If you use Orca master, what version of Firefox do you use?

Hi all,

About this topic we have decided to implement a new loader for scripts which will support different applications/major versions. (i.e. FF/3 and FF/4)

Firefox isn't the only one that makes significant changes between versions. So we decided that making this change to Orca's script support was needed.

        I hope that this approach make users happier :-)

Cheers (and happy new year!),

El 29/12/10 17:37, Joanmarie Diggs escribió:
Hey Michael.

I think the question should be, what version of firefox are
distributions likely to ship with the next stable release of orca?

That's hovering in my mind too. In the case of Ubuntu, based on what
they're doing in Natty, it looks like it will be 4.0.

I personally feel anyone comfortable with using git should be comfortable
with downloading a new version of firefox, users who use their
distribution's version of orca are more likely to use their
distribution's version of firefox and expect everything to work fine.


Its a shame we cannot have application version specific scripts.

Well, it's not so much that we *cannot*. At least not in this case.
Version 4 of Firefox uses a different toolkit version than 3. It's more
a matter of how feasible is it to pull that off given finite resources.
But this, too, is hovering in my mind as an option.

I'm just trying to gather all the data at the moment.

Thanks and take care.

Ale & Joanie

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