Re: [orca-list] What voice should the word "link" be spoken in?


Joanie, you wrote:
"If you don't set the system voice, the default voice should be used.
That's what I've done when testing"
How can possible I trying this to get back oldest speech method (equals voice character spokening for example role names and role types)? I ask this, because I think I not setted different voice parameters with system voice, for example my user-settings.conf file have following speech related parameters, sorry the quote:
"    voices:
      default: !!python/object/new:orca.acss.ACSS
        dictitems: {average-pitch: 3.0, gain: 10.0, rate: 80.0}
      hyperlink: !!python/object/new:orca.acss.ACSS
        dictitems: {established: false}
      system: !!python/object/new:orca.acss.ACSS
        dictitems: {established: false}
      uppercase: !!python/object/new:orca.acss.ACSS
        dictitems: {average-pitch: 5.5999999999999996}"
Have a magic configuration parameter with possible unset the system voice?

"These two things in the long run will be of far greater
benefit to users than sorting out the pause issue. Once
well, we can work on the flow of speech. Fair enough?"
Of course yes, this work need have higher priority (regression testing etc). So this is full fair,


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