Re: [orca-list] What voice should the word "link" be spoken in?

Hey Attila.

Not only the link role type have this intonation break problem when the 
voice character switch is happening for example with default or 
hiperlink voice character to system voice character. Oldest time this 
intonation break related problem with System voice is happened with some 

Right. If the voice being used is different, there is a pause. Doesn't
matter what voice you're switching to. What I have yet to determine is
whether or not that's because of how we're handling things (speaking
them as different utterances). I need to dig into the speech code more,
which is on my to-do list.

The system voice purpose is very good, but this possibility I think now 
not optional, not possible check or uncheck this function if an user 
would like using oldest speech method if I known right.

If you don't set the system voice, the default voice should be used.
That's what I've done when testing, both manually and with the
regression tests. I am aware of a couple of remaining instances where
there is still a pause even when the voice hasn't changed, and I am
looking into those.

If not, possible doing a setting with possible enable or disable this 
system voice function and a check box with speech page to toggle this 

Let me sort out the other voice stuff first. We'll figure something out,
I promise. But please note that my immediate goal is to get everything
as stable and as close to being right as possible, along with fully
updated regression tests for Firefox 4, so that we can easily spot
differences resulting from the performance work and architectural
refactor. These two things in the long run will be of far greater
benefit to users than sorting out the pause issue. Once that's all going
well, we can work on the flow of speech. Fair enough?

Thanks and take care.

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