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On 09/21/2009 01:43 PM, Willie Walker wrote:
Hi All:

So, I want help. Recalling from your experiences with getting started with Orca, I'm curious about:

1) Where did you expect to find documentation (e.g., somewhere on the web, built in to the desktop, etc.)?

Built in to Desktop and also in a format that could be accessed in windows and etc.

2) What is missing from the documentation or difficult to find that would have made it a lot easier to get started with Orca and GNOME?

In my opinion an official tutorial endorsed by orca's team.
When I decided to assess the jaws in 1998, I had no experience with screen readers and not with the Windows environment, and also did not have much time nor hardware to test. What helped me was a tutorial submitted by the developers of the jaws. The tutorial contains explanations of the basic features of windows and how they could be accessed from the jaws.
When I decided to migrate to the orca, I missed something similar.
Certainly there are good tutorials on the internet, but are not official. What I mean is that the tutorial should be part of the orca package.

3) What stuff in the documentation is misleading or confusing?
I took sometime to understood how orca interact with applications and how flat mode works.


I'm not a good writer and my english is not very good. However I can help translateing the documentation to brazillian portuguese. We have a lot of users that have dificulties with english language in Brasil.

An example of success from this documentation effort would be enabling a user on Windows to migrate quickly to the GNOME platform with Orca.

Please help.  :-)

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