Re: [orca-list] [Fwd: Announcing Orca v2.28.0]

Hi John:

GNOME 2.28 is what is coming out this week. The best thing for you to do is wait until your distribution has made the switch and then follow your distribution's instructions for upgrading. Upgrading individual packages is really not recommended because then you really would never be sure which version of GNOME you have.

GNOME 3.0 is not due out until next year, but the same advice would apply.


covici ccs covici com wrote:
Hi.  If I wanted to use the new Orca 3.0 when it is available via svn
which gnome packages would I have to update?  I have gentoo as my
distribution and they do have some gnomeexperimental ebuilds, but I
don't think anything past 2.27.
Thanks in advance for any ideas on this.

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