[orca-list] Help write Orca docs

Hi All:

I need some help with documentation.

Each new Orca user usually ends up asking similar questions, some of them more general to GNOME (e.g., "what e-mail clients work", "how do I switch between windows using the keyboard") and others more specific to Orca (e.g., "What is the keyboard command for x").

What I'm looking for is adjusting the documentation to help the brand new user quickly get up and running with GNOME and Orca. Right now, some users come into Orca with the preconceived notion that Orca is JAWS for GNOME. This flawed assumption immediately builds a foundation for failure.

So, I want help. Recalling from your experiences with getting started with Orca, I'm curious about:

1) Where did you expect to find documentation (e.g., somewhere on the web, built in to the desktop, etc.)?

2) What is missing from the documentation or difficult to find that would have made it a lot easier to get started with Orca and GNOME?

3) What stuff in the documentation is misleading or confusing?

4) Can you help write the docs? I'm looking for one or two good writers than can donate some time to the project.

An example of success from this documentation effort would be enabling a user on Windows to migrate quickly to the GNOME platform with Orca.

Please help.  :-)


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