Re: [orca-list] Help write Orca docs

>1) Where did you expect to find documentation (e.g., somewhere on the web, built in to the desktop, etc.)?
A little of both. When researching orca and linux before downloading an iso and trying it out live, I read all the documentation I could find especially the orca wiki.

Once I have a working gnome desktop, I like the help system local.  I would hope the "help" button/menu in orca (or any other gnome application) would be thurough and accessible.
>2) What is missing from the documentation or difficult to find that would have made it a lot easier to get started with Orca and GNOME?
One entry I noticed in the Ubuntu documentation (Other distrobutions might include this as well) was a "tips for migrating from Windows" section.  Something similar could be similar for orca.  Some section describing the main features and operations of orca that are not mirrors of JAWS (or other popular Windows screen-readers): for example, the use of carrot tracking and flat review vs. the PC/JAWS/invisible cursorrs in JAWS, how to go about installing the firefox plugin for links list vs. a similar feature inbedded into the screen-reader, and maybe how orca works with form fields (coboboxes, multi-select list views, radio buttons &c.).

Most of this information is available at the orca wiki, but spread out, maybe the help doccumentation included locally could have a contents entry "transitioning from JAWS" or "Starting out with Orca" that would run through these issues and point towards more in depth information where needed.

There also appears to be a growing comunity of Macintosh users requiring adaptive services (speach, magnification, sticky keys &c), it may be helpful at some point for a similar set of Mac transition info to be organized as well.

>3) What stuff in the documentation is misleading or confusing?
I'm not at my linux system right now.  I'll take a look later and get back to you.
>4) Can you help write the docs? I'm looking for one or two good writers than can donate some time to the project.
I could help if you wish.  I can't help with computer code (I don't know chain loaders from a heapstack), but I can write instructions.  You might  remember that I'm running an older edition of orca, butthe basics don't appear to have changed that much.

Just let me know (a) how best to submitthe information (post atextmessage to the list, e-mail the doc team a latex file, put up a new wiki page, &c) and (b) EXACTLY WHAT TO START WORKING ON, SO I don't accidently duplicate somebody else's work.


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