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--- On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 10:13 PM, Willie Walker
<William Walker sun com> wrote:
| 1) Where did you expect to find documentation (e.g., somewhere on the web,
| built in to the desktop, etc.)?

Whatever I have read was from the Orca Preferences.

| 2) What is missing from the documentation or difficult to find that would
| have made it a lot easier to get started with Orca and GNOME?

1. A cheat-sheet of shortcuts, that can also be printed on Braille paper?

2. I am not familiar with the internals of Orca (yet). But, can
shortcuts be mapped as close to Jaws, excluding the ones that cannot
be done? Else, people have to start to learn Orca shortcuts.

| 4) Can you help write the docs? ÂI'm looking for one or two good writers
| than can donate some time to the project.

I will try my best. Do you have some revision control where you have
the existing docs?

Recently, I deployed Orca on Fedora 11 at Devnar Foundation for the
Blind, Hyderabad, India [1] for demo. Here are some more questions:

3. Is there another speaker profile available, other than
nict_us_slt_arctic_hts? The American accent is pretty strong, IMO. If
a new accent needs to be recorded, how many audio files need to be
recorded, or, what needs to be done?  Else, it will take time to get
used to the accent.

4. How does one enable a Gnome shutdown sound?

5. Is there a sound produced after gdm loads, so people know that they
can now login?




Shakthi Kannan

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