Re: [orca-list] buffering

Dear Hermann/Krishnakant.


You two have been going at each other for a while now, and it is 
unpleasant to see.

Instead of arguing, please do something useful.

We are eagerly waiting for the user manual you are writing, because it 
will be useful to many newcomers.
Also did you contact, or report bugs for evince so that we can track the 
progress of the accessibility on that front?
I have been meaning to ask you to please stop refering to people as 
hackers for a long time, but never got round to doing so.
just look up the definition of hacker, yes it does have several meanings, 
but the most recent interpretation is criminal. The meaning you refer to 
is now out of date. Hackers is now used derogatively. (to refer to 
non-professionals etc).

You have always been very good with tracking down and providing debug info 
for bugs, so please keep up the good work. I am sure you are able to find 
some new once.

The point is that we all need each other, to go forward, so lets stop 
bickering and bating each other.
Instead spend this time productively by contributing/improving 
Everyones input is greatly welcome. Lets all push in the same direction.

P.S. This reply is ment to be fare, please accept the  constructive 

On Tue 31/03/2009 at 15:36:19, Krishnakant wrote:

On Tue, 2009-03-31 at 10:58 +0200, Hermann wrote:
On 30.03.2009 at 20:27:59 Krishnakant <hackingkk gmail com> wrote:

I would just like to add one important tip.

While certain seasoned practices sound very stable and have the tag of
being "well tested and experienced ", we must always welcome ideas which
sound better  but go against that long tradition.
Orca, we all know gets feedback from the best brains which any talking
software can really get.
This implies that the most stupid and the smartest person has equal say.

Persons like me?

hehe I don't see any reason why you call yourself stupid? *smile*

Some times it happens that a so called stupid is not really so and her/
his idea may have not even clicked to we smart hackers and that's where
different approaches to solve the problem at hand comes up.

Oh, I'm very grateful to be understood by a "smart hacker", even if that
happens only "sometimes".

there will always be differences and the only thing expected is that it
does not turn into a personal attack and disrespect to that person.

I don't want to go in the debait of wether buffered approach is better
or non-buffered approach, but what ever the orca team decided has
yielded great results and I believe it also directly reflects on how
well a web page is designed with accessibility in mind.

What would you say, if that Orca team changes their minds?

Orca team may change the mind depending on what the community decides
and after some proper research.
I will answer this personally when the orca team "changes its mind ".
I can just say that wili and the rest of the team has been as best as
they could be and the decisions on the approaches have not been just the
decisions of the "orca development team ", but the entire community
excluding some few exceptions.

I got the mmessage. But as always: The majority is silent, and the
"prophets" think it is on their side.

Arguements need proof, so if community is not on the "side " then dear
community please *speak up *.

happy hacking.

BTW: Do you know what "hacking" means in Germany? To break into other
peoples computer in order to steal data, such as passwords, bank account
data etc.
BTW, what you are refering is "cracking " and not "hacking ".  Hacking
is an art of inovatively creating a solution to a problem given the

So it is like breaking (hacking ) a problem into bits and then sorting
out the solution.
That's why hackers are hackers who solve problems and not "crackers "
who crack the security or code for a software etc.

happy hacking.

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