Re: [orca-list] Trying OpenSolaris

Hi Isaac:

Here is the announcement from Willie Walker:

Hi All:

I tested our internal development build of OpenSolaris b129 last week, and
it is now publicly available on  These development
builds are all pointing to the next stable release of OpenSolaris due out
sometime early next year.

 From my testing, I believe we're now back on track with an accessible live
CD and install.  I haven't a chance to scour the OpenSolaris
2009.06 instructions at to see
if they still apply to this development build, but I believe they should be
up to date for the most part.

So, please feel free to take it for a test ride -- it seems to work nicely
on my Toshiba NB205 netbook.



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I would like to try OpenSolaris beta and unfortunately I missed Will message
about this (despite some effort I can't find it easily).
Could somebody please give me the link to a page where I can find the beta


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