[orca-list] Orca doesn't work with Debian Squeeze

Hi all,

I just reinstalled my Debian squeeze box including Gnome and Orca. Last time Orca worked fine. However, this time it doesn't read the Gnome desktop at all. I configured Orca using the text console and set it up to use with Speech-dispatcher. I enabled accessibility and auto start on login. When I login, Orca does seem to start, but doesn't speak. Not even the "welcome to Orca" message. When I kill Orca from the text console and start it with DISPLAY=:0 orca, it speaks the welcome message but nothing else.

I logged out using alt+f1, left arrow, 2 times up arrow, enter, space. That works. So, I conclude that the Gnome desktop should work. I couldn't find something in .xsession-errors. Where should I look for any clues on this problem? Anyone experienced something like this before?


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