[orca-list] Question about Empathy Instant Messenger with Orca


Long time no talk. I had a question about Empathy. Maybe I'm just really stupid, but, what the heck happened to the status button in the contact list? I can't find it anwhere. I see a read only edit box, I think it is, right one tab past the tree view of contacts, but it doesn't do anything when I arrow on it, nor down arrow.

Also, I noticed that when instant messages arive, if I am not in the window of the chat session to start with, then Orca will read that I got a message, but I get no sound indicator, so if I'm out of the room, or doing something else on the system, odds I'll hear it are very slim. I did enable all the sound events, every one of 'em, in preferences, but I still don't hear them.

Finally for my last comment, when in an IM window, nothing seems to read without the flat review commands. Meaning, i can't hear incoming msgs automatically like i could in pidgin etc. I'm wonderring if I could downgrade to pidgin, or is there just something I don't understand. I must say upon my first look impressions of empathy, it might improve over time, but at least for now, until I get more help with this, I'm really not too impressed.


Chris - A K A: Mark.

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