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Hi Jonathan:

This is a nice discussion and thanks for bringing it up! I'm curious about the user interface we'd present for the various features. How do these sound?

1) Bypass function: press a special key combination once and Orca ignores all key combinations except one, which is the one to turn bypass off. For example, Orca+Delete could be used to toggle the on/off of the bypass feature.

2) Sticky key for Orca key: Perhaps treat the Orca key always as a specialized sticky key -- press it 2X in a row with no other keys and the Orca modifier is locked. Press it again and it becomes unlocked.

3) Modification of the Orca key: this one might be tough (but not impossible) to accomplish if we wanted to allow the user to press *any* key on the keyboard to define the Orca key. But, we could potentially limit the choices and present the user with a combobox.



On May 25, 2008, at 2:29 PM, Jonathan Chacón wrote:

Hi everyone,

I´m working with Orca´s functionality in relation to the keyboard and
comparing them with other screen readers, like Jaws. I notice that it is necessary to establish more functions, so that users of special devices, such as PDAs with Linux, UMPCs or laptops with limited keyboards, can adapt and configure their device according to Orca´s needs and specifications.

1. “Bypass” function.

Many applications define their keyboard shortcuts trying not to overlap with the keyboard shortcuts of Gnome. This may cause a coincidence between some
shorcuts of any application with those of Orca. This function would
facilitate the use of keyboard shortcuts of any application without having to modify Orca´s configuration. It is already implemented in Jaws ( insert +
3 ).

2. Sticky key for Orca key.

Some one-handed users or those with a 60 keys keyboard, or less, where a single key performs several functions ( control key, tab key and insert key in the same position ), cannot perform keys combination as Orca requires. One solution would be to implement “insert mode” ( implemented by Jaws ), which would facilitate the management of the state of the Orca key as if it
were a flag, allowing us to realice key combinations with no need of
pressing Orca´s key.

3. Modification of Orca´s key.

I know this can be changed in “Orca customization”, but not all users know
about this. Any user should be capable of modifying Orca´s key from the
configuration dialogue of Orca. Nowadays, Orca uses a Read-Only Text Box to show Orca´s key. This could be the appropriate control to be able to modify
Orca´s key without having to modify the orca customization.

I guess that including all these changes may be hard and complex, but all this benefits users with different kinds of disabilities, also users who want to buy new mobile devices with Linux ( such as mobile phones, UMPCs, PDAs, etc. ) and it´s a good way to increase compatibility between users and

Please tell me your opinion about this.


Jonathan Chacón.

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