Re: [orca-list] TTSynth voice question

Hi Bob:

It sounds as though you installed the TTS engine, but did not build the driver for it. You need to build/install the gnome-speech driver for the TTS engine in order for gnome-speech to find it.

You can find more information on building/installing gnome-speech (and the drivers for various TTS engines) here:

As for why espeak-synthesis-driver is failing, I'll need specific error messages to help with that. :-(

Hope this helps,


Bob Tinney wrote:
Hi Will,
I downloaded the Debian ttsynth install package and followed instructions in
a terminal window and  typed "dpkg ttsynthcore-1.0-i386.deb"
After the package was opened, I was asked for my license key and name.  When
the installation was complete, no additional speech drivers showed up in
Orca preferences.
With in a terminal, when I typed "espeak-synthesis-driver", I got an error
something like Espeak not registered core dumped.
When I typed "test-speech", three drivers were listed.
espeak, speech dispatcher, and festabal.
Now, what I don't understand is that if espeak is not registered, why is it
that that the espeak synthesizer is the only one that is working?
From a guy who wants to know!
Bob, tinneyb charter net, K8LR
Skype name:  bobtinn
One of the best days of my life is today!

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D'Oh!  Someone reminded me you're trying to get the ViaVoice stuff
working.  Sorry about that.  So...what you wrote is bad news.  It looks
like the ViaVoice driver either didn't get built or was installed in a
different location.

Did you specify --prefix=/usr when you ran (or configure)?


Willie Walker wrote:
Hi Bob:

OK -- this is good (I think). Try running 'espeak-synthesis-driver' in
one terminal window and 'test-speech' in another. See if eSpeak appears
in the list of synthesizers in the 'test-speech' terminal window and/or
if any errors appear in the 'espeak-synthesis-driver' terminal window.
Something bad might be happening, such as maybe a shared library isn't
being found by 'espeak-synthesis-driver'.


Bob Tinney wrote:
Hi Will,

The command line that you gave me gave two results. Espeak.server and
Do I need to update Orca as I'm running the one that came with the Ubuntu
desktop live 7.10 cd? Do I need to install the speech dispatcher driver?
One more thing, where do I find these driver update packages or do I
need to
compile them first?
I am very familiar with the inner workings of windows, but I'm new to
and Ubuntu!
Bob, tinneyb charter net, K8LR
Skype name: bobtinn
One of the best days of my life is today!

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