[orca-list] Pulseaudio on Hardy was: Re: Orca is silent after updating Gnome-Speech

am Sa 05. Apr 2008 um 13:39:41 schrieb Willie Walker <William Walker Sun COM>:
"BTW, I've heard that pulseaudio support is helping address the 
notion of device contention. As a result of this, you might not run 
into gnome-speech device contention issues when you're using a system 
that is using pulseaudio.

Which system? I've heard of some instabilities of PulseAudio.

I've used it on Solaris and I believe Mike has used it on Hardy.  Note  
that this isn't meant to be a promotion of PulseAudio (I don't know all  
the details about it), but it does seem to help with device contention  

Have tested the yesterday's current version of Hardy:
and indeed, Pulseaudio is installed and seems to work pretty well: You can launch audio/video files while 
Orca keeps on 
speaking; Gnome-speech is used as output.
I had only one stop of speech while working in Evolution, when I adjusted its layout in the view menu; don't 
know the 
reason for this. Braille continued to work, and after restarting Orca, speech was back and stayed till the 
end of my 
One strange thing I had to observe: When I tried playing a wave file from the Gnome terminal by using aplay, 
I got an 
error message that the device was busy. Silencing Orca by pressing Orca+S made the file play. Perhaps 
something wrong 
with Alsa, but a minor issue.

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