Re: [orca-list] eSpeak, Speech-dispatcher, Orca and voice variations in Gutsy

Jonathan Duddington wrote:
  espeak -v en+12 "hello world"

Male and female variants are:
  m1  m2  m3  m4  m5   f1  f2  f3  f4

Thanks Jonathan for explanation.  Thus I guess we'd need to offer all
these variants for each voice in the SD output module.  The problem
might be the huge total number of voices in the selection.

This could be solved nicely if Orca first allowed you to select the
language, so that the voice selection would then only contain the
available voices for one language.

As I talked about that with Will on this years Guadec, this is planed.
Thus the question is whether we better wait for this change in Orca or
whether we decide this is so important, that we want it now regardless
the huge voice selection control.

Another option might be to allow custom voice definitions in espeak
module configuration, which would map symbolic voices (exposed to Orca
configuration) to real espeak voices.  This might be also an interesting

Best regards


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