[orca-list] braille positioning (was Re: progress of progress bars is not reported., is it a known thing?)

for example on my 80 cell display
the most interesting information starts at position 50 or greater
so I got 50 useless cells

This is odd.  In focus tracking mode, we try to make sure the relevant
information starts at the first cell, but you can pan left to get
contextual information.  Do you have a specific example of where the
information starts at position 50?  This might be a bug.

Aha!  Mike and I are talking today, and I think we figured out what is
going on here.  If *all* the text can fit on the display, then Orca puts
it all there.  If the text cannot fit on the display, Orca positions the
most important information starting at the first cell. 

It seems like the behavior should always be to position the most
important information starting at the first cell, regardless if the
entire line can fit on the display or not.  Does that sound about right?


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