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Please don't get me started on forms mode!

You are humming along through a page and you come across a form on the
page you need to fill out.  You can't just tab to the field and expect
it to work.  You have to turn forms mode on.  Then if something isn't
spoken exactly right, you have to turn forms mode off again to find the
label for a field.  Or what if there is text between form fields like
the number of characters a password must contain?  Forms mode doesn't
read this very important information, so you have to turn forms mode off
again.  Then, when you turn forms mode off, the virtual cursor is
usually placed incorrectly so you have to find your place again.  There
is somewhat of a workaround, but it involves reading the entire form
using the virtual cursor and then going back up to the top and filling
out the form in forms mode, but who wants to go through the form twice
when you could have gone through it only once and gotten it filled out
much faster?  I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

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