Re: [orca-list] Ibmtts and Orca.

Willie Walker wrote:
If you are unable to do the testing, I kindly request that you get Tomas
to take a look at this.

Hello Will and all,

I'll take a look at it. For now, I can just say, that I have already noticed this strange behavior. If you remember, Will, this was the problem which I reported to you when you first included SD backend in Orca. I simply never got the stop commands which you said are always executed by orca on user interaction etc. But than, with a later Orca version, the problem disappeared and it started to work as expected. Then I was one nice day doing something on the SD backend and updated Orca from SVN and the problem ocured again. Since it didn't prevent me from doing what I wanted, I didn't investigate it and when I got back to Orca a few days later, I updated from SVN and it disapeared again.

So what I want to say is, that this problem sometimes appears without any change in the SD backend itself, but must depend on some changes in Orca. I definitely don't say it is the fault of Orca. In fact believe it there must be some problem in my code (in SD backend itself), but I only describe what I experienced. When we were first investigating this, you asked me, whether it is possible that something in the SD backend is behaving synchronously. Could you please be more explicit what you mean by it?

In any case I updated Orca from SVN today and the problem is here again, so at least I can investigate it. I'd be glad to test that with gnome-speech but the Festival driver doesn't work for me and I don't seem to have espeak support in my gnome speech installation. Is there an easy way to get it? I'm running Debian unstable.

BTW, here is how test-speech ends on my box:

cerha bob:~/work/orca/trunk> test-speech
1: OAFIID:GNOME_Speech_SynthesisDriver_Festival:proto0.3

Select a server: 1
Attempting to activate OAFIID:GNOME_Speech_SynthesisDriver_Festival:proto0.3.
Driver name: Festival GNOME Speech Driver
Driver version: 0.3
Synthesizer name: Festival Speech Synthesis System
Synthesizer Version: 1.4.3

Enter desired gender ('m' or 'f'): m

Enter desired locale, or 'all' to display all voices: all
1. kal_diphone (language english)

Select voice: 1

** (process:9503): WARNING **: Failed to send buffer
NeoprÃvnÄnà pÅÃstup do pamÄti (SIGSEGV)

Best regards


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