Re: [orca-list] orcasuddenly doesn't speak

I'm not sure how to save them, I was in terminal at the time and didn't think of saving the errors I got.

If you type 'script' in a terminal, everything you type and everything the terminal outputs will be placed in a file called 'typescript'. To finish the session, you need to press Ctrl+D.

right now. Unfortunately most people here at my college know nothing about linux or computers in general.


Is there a way I can by using windows, take the ubuntu off my system and install feisty?

I don't know - I gave up on dual booting a long time ago. Too much trouble for my taste. But, then again, I have more than one machine in my office so I guess I live in the lap of luxury.

And when you mean updating ubuntu to get the latest release of orca, do you mean the ubuntu that comes out every 6 months?

Ubuntu Feisty regularly (just about every day) has updates available. For the past several months, every time a development release of GNOME was available, Ubuntu would have updates available usually within a day or two. At the beginning of a cycle, the development releases of GNOME come out about every month, but then come out about every two weeks towards the end.

P.S I noticed that orca stops speaking at the update manager. I'm guessing this has to do with the problem of orca and gui administration?

Probably. :-( Setting up system administration access under GNOME can still be struggle. We try to outline some of it here, and it tends to work, but always without problems:


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