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Hi Joanie, gang,

Is Henrik <henrick ubunbu com> on this list (Mr. accessibility @ Ubuntu)? If I'm not mistaken, this is an application developed by Ubuntu that they include on their desktop. We have something of a convention for dialog boxes that want to be automatically read when they appear. Perhaps role ALERT would be appropriate for these bubbles? Make for a more general solution than a specific Orca script to handle this application.


Peter Korn
Accessibility Architect,
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

I've been trying
to figure out how to navigate to these from the keyboard and I can't get
to them. :-(

I can't get to the notification bubbles when the appear. It would be
cool if those were announced/displayed when they appeared.  In the

Other observations:

1.  You can navigate to the top panel frame and then arrow or tab over
to the updates available icon.  Orca announces it as "panel notification
area embedded component."  It announces the other default objects there
correctly (i.e. "master", "embedded component <date>", and "log off").
So you can use Orca with Gnome commands to see if you have updates that
need installing.  Unfortunately you cannot do a proper right-click on
the icon.  At least I cannot. When I try, I get the context menu for the
panel rather than for the update notification icon.  I guess that icon
doesn't really get focus?

2.  You can get to that icon in flat review by first putting focus on
the top panel frame and then using NumPad 6 to move over to it.  (Moving
to the notification icon in focus tracking mode first doesn't cause flat
review to land there).  When you go this route, you can then use NumPad
* to right click on it.  This works.  However, the problem is that the
icons aren't spoken as well in flat review.  It seems that the update
notification is what you land on when Orca says "panel", so it's not
completely undoable.  But....


1. In cases where:
a. Orca knows where we are in focus tracking mode (as evidenced by its
correctly speaking the icons being navigated to)
b. Gnome thinks otherwise (as evidenced by the context menu for the
panel rather than the item)
Would it be possible for flat review to be routed to the location Orca
just spoke/displayed?

2. Is a graphics/icon dictionary on the list of things to implement at
some point?  Alternatively, can you convince the appropriate Gnome folks
to label that icon?  If it were labeled *somewhere* you could reliably
flat review to it, click on it, and install the updates.

As usual, if I'm being dense/uninformed, just point me at the right
docs. <smile>

Take care.

  Also, I wanted to make the comment that Will had said the numbpad key
plus would read from the beginning of a file to the end. I have found
that from where ever I am, only the first line of each paragraph is
read, or maybe 1 or 2 words on the next line, but I don't get full
details of anything.
Do you have more specifics about what applications are showing this
problem?  The SayAll functionality is unfortunately sensitive to how the
application supports the AT-SPI.  We will happily fix bugs in Orca and
file bugs in other apps to make this work, as long as we know where the
problem is happening.



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