Orca notification area and orca

Hello all,

  Yet again another message. I wanted to know, since I customized my
desktop, I want to know if accessibility to the notification area is
possible. Since I have some vision to make out popups and windows but
nothing in them. I see littlewindows near the notification area, but
orca does not seem to read the information when arrowing through it.
There might be updates or icons there I need to click on. Am I doing
something wrong or am I correct to say it is inaccessible.

  Also, I wanted to make the comment that Will had said the numbpad key
plus would read from the beginning of a file to the end. I have found
that from where ever I am, only the first line of each paragraph is
read, or maybe 1 or 2 words on the next line, but I don't get full
details of anything.

Distro=Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper


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