Re: Orca notification area and orca

Hey Cody:

We've done a fair amount of testing with SayAll (keypad plus) with both
Evolution and StarOffice.  Do you have an e-mail or StarOffice document
you can send along that exhibits the bad behavior?


On Fri, 2006-07-14 at 04:26 -0400, Cody Hurst wrote:
Hey Will,

  As of now I have removed that top panel, and stuck the notification
area down to my bottom right. But yes, it is the same thing. Like little
balloon windows. 

  So far the key plus is seeming to fail in evolution and Open Office

On Fri, 2006-07-14 at 07:15 -0400, Willie Walker wrote:
Hi Cody:

  Yet again another message. I wanted to know, since I customized my
desktop, I want to know if accessibility to the notification area is
possible. Since I have some vision to make out popups and windows but
nothing in them. I see littlewindows near the notification area, but
orca does not seem to read the information when arrowing through it.
There might be updates or icons there I need to click on. Am I doing
something wrong or am I correct to say it is inaccessible.

Are these little windows at the upper right of the display?  These tend
to be Ubuntu telling you that updates are available.  I've been trying
to figure out how to navigate to these from the keyboard and I can't get
to them.  :-(  

  Also, I wanted to make the comment that Will had said the numbpad key
plus would read from the beginning of a file to the end. I have found
that from where ever I am, only the first line of each paragraph is
read, or maybe 1 or 2 words on the next line, but I don't get full
details of anything.

Do you have more specifics about what applications are showing this
problem?  The SayAll functionality is unfortunately sensitive to how the
application supports the AT-SPI.  We will happily fix bugs in Orca and
file bugs in other apps to make this work, as long as we know where the
problem is happening.



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