Re: Orca notification area and orca

(This is a resend due to spamcop issues.  On the off chance the original gets through, my apologies for the 

Hi Peter, Will, and all.

In the spirit of making sure that I'm following you:  

We have something of a convention for dialog boxes that want to be 
automatically read when they appear.  Perhaps role ALERT would be 
appropriate for these bubbles?  Make for a more general solution than a 
specific Orca script to handle this application.

Does this general solution mean that all bubbles could be handled within
one script, like, without the need for anticipating the
potential sources of bubbles (e.g. update-notifier, gnome-power-manager,
etc.) and writing application-specific scripts for each of those

Thanks for your help/tutelage/patience. :)

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