Re: login and google accounts

Havoc Pennington wrote:

I had not noticed that we also track a "Google services enabled" flag
on the server for each email address.
Right; I had meant to mention this in my last mail.
The problem I think is that we can't require going through the "add
email" song and dance in order to log in to Calendar or Email stock.
It's just too cumbersome and hard to explain. So there should be a
separate list of Google accounts, separate from the list of email
I don't really disagree, but at least one goal of having the Google accounts on the page was to include it in a place you'd see when signing up, but where it wouldn't bother you after.

My main problem with the old button-signin thing was that it always appeared and hung there with a warning sign, even if you were never going to use Google or Google Apps. One thought is to expand the scope slightly and make it a general "Web Accounts" box you can add stuff to and that other stocks can request information from, not specific to Google. That was what the old box was kind of attempting to do.

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