Re: login and google accounts


On 10/24/07, Colin Walters <walters redhat com> wrote:
> Are you talking about multiple Google accounts (i.e. people with two
> GMail accounts), or just Google + GAFYD?

Either one, I guess

> The main technical limit with using gnome-keyring as the password store
> between multiple applications is there's no notification of changes.
> Maybe we could work around this by pairing each with a GConf key and
> saying apps have to listen to the corresponding GConf key.  The other
> gnome-keyring issues like "Allow or Deny?" are generic upstream bugs.

The keyring only has the password - I think it would mostly work to
just always reload from the keyring if the password doesn't work. So
if the password changes, an app should try to log in, fail, then
reload. That should work right?


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