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On 10/24/07, Havoc Pennington <hp pobox com> wrote:

Talked to Bryan about how to do this. Our thought is to have a Google
Accounts dialog. It will basically have fields for username and
password for a "regular" google account, and username, password, and
"url" for a AFYD account.

Using web login driver and your info, we'll attempt
to intelligently pre-fill the username and password when we can.

In the calendar (and probably email) stock, if we have no accounts or
prefill from web-login-driver, we'll display an Add Account button
that opens the Google Accounts dialog. If we have an account but the
password doesn't work, we'll have a button like "Login" (which still
just opens the same dialog).

I guess an open question is how you open the dialog when you have one
working account already and just want to add a second one. "A button

Here's what I was thinking for the initial add account information.""

I'm working on a second alert and way to get back to the stock properties / preferences.

In terms of implementation, I think the account username would be in
gconf synced by online-prefs-sync, and the password in gnome-keyring.
We still need to implement storing gnome-keyring's encrypted blob on
the server.

Another open question is how/whether this is synced with e.g. a GTalk
IM client. One possible answer is to just share the gconf and
gnome-keyring keys, and possibly the python module that includes
prefilling from data model and login driver, with both BigBoard and
anyone else that wants to use it. Another possibility is to add this
stuff to web-login-driver rather than bigboard. Not sure.

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