login and google accounts


I think the web login driver setup is not "enough" by itself.

With the Calendar stock for example, if you aren't logged in it just
comes up blank. There's no indication what to do about it. I'm already
logged in to Google; but that isn't enough, because web login driver
keys off whether I did "remember password," not whether I'm logged in.

So I'm logged in to my calendar, but not via web login driver. There's
nothing I can do at this point. I can log out again, maybe, and *if* I
haven't clicked "never remember password" I could click remember
password. But, there's no way I'd know to do this.

It also looks like there's no way to use multiple calendar or mail
accounts with the weblogindriver setup?

Anyway, multiple problems:

 1) no UI in calendar stock if not logged in; it's just blank,
mysteriously broken
 2) to log in, you can't just log in to Google; you have to "remember password"
 3) no way to set up multiple accounts

Theory on the solution:
- use weblogindriver only to "prefill" the password or automatically
know about accounts, but actually store login info in bigboard and

Concrete plan:
- make calendar stock have some type of "add Google account" button
- pre-fill from web-login-driver, but you can also just "add Google
account" directly in bigboard
- "add Google account" just opens a little "manage accounts" dialog
where you can put in your login and password, plus URL if it's a GAFYD

This punts on a possibly more-ambitious approach which would be to try
and centralize the account repository, using it for e.g. Pidgin also.
We could consider that; e.g. make web-login-driver keep its own list
of accounts, rather than purely hanging it off of Firefox.

This feels like a fairly showstopper issue to me so I'll probably
detour and try to solve it (I ran into this while trying to add a
calendar search provider, and could not figure out how to get my
calendar to work)

Try to send comments by tomorrow...


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