Re: [PATCH] core: add internet connectivity check

Hi Marcel,

On 23/11/11 07:33, Marcel Holtmann wrote:
However if your long term goal is WISPr support, then you have to look
at the whole page anyway. There is no guarantee that the WISPr XML is at
the beginning. Some providers actually just attach it to the end.

personally i don't care about WISPr. I just want to know if i have a
working internet connection.

Doing this without also handling WISPr seems rather pointless. I prefer
my system to automatically log me into a hotspot if I have access
credentials for it.

why do you think that's pointless?
eg i have a embedded device with an usb-gadget (detected as ethernet
device). when i connect my pc with the device over usb, the device has
no internet connection. but when i configure my pc to forward some
traffic from the device, the device has internet connection. for this
usecase it's very nice to check the connectivity.
the device can do different task if a connection is available.

I would solve that entirely different, but fair enough.

would be interessting for me to know your solution for this. but that's not the point for NM.

What about a solution with both - header check and content check. we add another field to the configuration file. Then we have 3 fields:

- connectivity-uri
- connectivit-response-header
- connectivity-response-content

if no uri is given, the check is disabled.
if only a response-header is given, only the header will be checked
if only a response-content is given, only the content will be checked (first with a simple string match. later we can implement something to handle WISPr)
if both response-header and response-content are given, we check both.



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