Re: ifupdown plugin adds wifi device as wired (with patch)

On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 09:22, Gertjan de Back
<Gertjan de Back irextechnologies com> wrote:
> Just to let you know I've found the root cause of why my wifi network
> device was not recognized by NetworkManager.
> The driver and mmc/sdio stack all seem to operate fine and the device
> has the required driver link in sysfs. The problem is in the
> coldplugging of HAL. It scans the bus first and finds the MMC card and
> SDIO interface which drives my wifi device. However, it does not add
> them to HAL as their parent (MMC host) is not added until the class
> devices are scanned. HAL ends up adding the network device right under
> the MMC host which later breaks NM.
> To work around this issue I'll have HAL rescan the MMC and SDIO busses
> after it has scanned /sys/classes. I found that the same hack is used to
> rescan for Bluetooth devices.
> Thanks for the help. I'll continue my rant on the HAL list :)

Are you sure, you are not running the kernel in the
CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED mode? That might be the issue, and is not
supported with new tools.


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