RE: ifupdown plugin adds wifi device as wired (with patch)

Just to let you know I've found the root cause of why my wifi network
device was not recognized by NetworkManager.

The driver and mmc/sdio stack all seem to operate fine and the device
has the required driver link in sysfs. The problem is in the
coldplugging of HAL. It scans the bus first and finds the MMC card and
SDIO interface which drives my wifi device. However, it does not add
them to HAL as their parent (MMC host) is not added until the class
devices are scanned. HAL ends up adding the network device right under
the MMC host which later breaks NM.

To work around this issue I'll have HAL rescan the MMC and SDIO busses
after it has scanned /sys/classes. I found that the same hack is used to
rescan for Bluetooth devices.

Thanks for the help. I'll continue my rant on the HAL list :)


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