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Hi Dan,

Thanks for your reply.
I tried to cross-compile NM for my other board based on arm, but the
same error with mips occurs too. :-(
src/NetworkManager.c cannot be cross-compile.
Can anyone please give me some information about how to cross-compile
NM? Or tell me who has used NM for non-X86 platform? Thanks so much!
> NM is actually separated into two distinct pieces.  The core NM daemon
> itself, which actually talks to the kernel and wireless/wired hardware,
> does _not_ require GNOME or GTK by design.  The second part, the
> user-facing part, does require a separate implementation for each
> desktop environment it might be used on.

That's what I need. So, could you please tell me how to separate them?
Use --without-gnome?
Is there any documents to guide me kick the second part out?
BTW, NetworkManager.c is belonging with core part right?

Sorry for so much fool questions :-) Thanks again for your help.


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