Re: Singe DES encryption should be enabled

On 2/23/07, Jon Nettleton <jon nettleton gmail com> wrote:

So I fired up glade and threw together some code to take the vpn dialogs
through another iteration.  I have some screenshots that can definitely
use some critiquing.

I already have the working code for these changes.  Once opinions are
weighed I can spit out a patch.


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As an openvpn user I really like it, with only two minor notes:
1) Is it possible to include http-proxy option?  That seems to be the
only missing client option (and one I use once and awhile ;-) )
2) On the TLS-Auth option under encryption, I think the option is
always 1 for clients so I don't think the 0 or 1 option is needed.
From the example config:
# The second parameter should be '0'
# on the server and '1' on the clients.

GREAT work and very much appreciated by those of us who are openvpn users!

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