Singe DES encryption should be enabled

We should enable single DES encryption mode. In this
case, vpnc must be called using the --enable-1des
According to
     this feature should be implemented using the
gconf to determing whether of not to use this flag.
I would like to implement this feature, but I'm not
sure where in the program to read out the gconf and to
transmit the data to the calling function.
My first idea was to write it in
gnome/applet/applet-dbus-vpn.c, where the gconf is
read already.
On the other hand, this would necessitate to extend   
the dbus message, which could lead to incompatibility
between the networkmanager and the vpnc-daemon,
couldn't it?
My second idea was to read it in
   but since the gconf isn't read in this file, it
would mean code duplication and that libgconf would be
linked to this binary and therefor growth of the bin
I would like to know what the developers suggest.

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