Re: Singe DES encryption should be enabled

On Wed, 2007-02-21 at 21:34 +0100, Olaf Telsh�r wrote:
> We should enable single DES encryption mode. In this
> case, vpnc must be called using the --enable-1des
> flag.

Are there really cases where 1des is still being used?  I'd rather that
it be something you have to manually enable rather than accepting 1des
by default.


> According to    
>      this feature should be implemented using the
> gconf to determing whether of not to use this flag.
> I would like to implement this feature, but I'm not
> sure where in the program to read out the gconf and to
> transmit the data to the calling function.
> My first idea was to write it in
> gnome/applet/applet-dbus-vpn.c, where the gconf is
> read already.
> On the other hand, this would necessitate to extend   
> the dbus message, which could lead to incompatibility
> between the networkmanager and the vpnc-daemon,
> couldn't it?
> My second idea was to read it in
> vpn-daemons/vpnc/src/nm-vpnc-service.c:nm_vpnc_start_vpnc_binary,
>    but since the gconf isn't read in this file, it
> would mean code duplication and that libgconf would be
> linked to this binary and therefor growth of the bin
> size.
> I would like to know what the developers suggest.
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