Re: NM does not work with iwl4965 device

On Thu, 2007-08-09 at 11:17 -0200, Thomas M Steenholdt wrote:
> Dan Williams wrote:
> > 
> > Can you post the output of "iwlist wlan0 scan" that shows your AP?  The
> > other issue with AP_SCAN=2 is that you must set the _exact_ options your
> > AP supports, because wpa_supplicant isn't actually doing a scan, it's
> > just sending the options to the card and hoping they are correct.  So we
> > need to ensure that your network block in the wpa_supplicant config file
> > matches up with the options your network advertises in beacons.
> Are you thinking of the group/pairwise protocols? They are supported - 
> nothing else. I'll send you the "iwlist wlan0 scan" output later, when I 
> get to the system (again).

Yeah, I'd still like to get a look at it to match up the expected IEs
that wpa_supplicant is trying to set on the driver, and that the AP is

> > 
> > Also, the scan_ssid=1 option might be an issue; are we sure that
> > mac80211 correctly handles specific SSID scans?  If it doesn't, then
> > maybe the driver doesn't find the BSSID it needs to associate with,
> > given that wpa_supplicant isn't actually doing any scans here.
> > 
> Something I can do to test this?

Get debugging output from the mac80211 stack and iwlwifi driver, or
figure out if the stack supports specific SSID scans in it's SIOCSIWSCAN
handler at all.  Neither of which is that fun to do :)


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