Re: knetworkmanager autostart issue

Same here: knetworkmanager does not automatically start when logging
on to KDE even though "Start KNetworkManager automatically on login"
is checked.

There is a bugzilla for this here:

$ cat .kde/share/config/knetworkmanagerrc|grep -i autostart

It seems that also Fedora 7 does not have the correct file for knm:
"/usr/share/autostart/" does not have any knetworkmanager.desktop.
However, I've got one at

The bugrepor linked above suggests copying that file to
/usr/share/autostart as a workaround.

Hm, I just realized I'm using an old version:
$ rpm -q knetworkmanager

Is there any Fedora 7 repos that comes with knetworkmanager 0.2? (I
could not find it in the repo)


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