Re: NM does not work with iwl4965 device

John W. Linville wrote:

FWIW, there _is_ a problem w/ mac80211's pre-authentication scanning.
It doesn't probe for SSID, so it can't see hidden networks.

I have been testing the patch below with some success using the
wireless-tools package.  However, NM still seems unable to get an
association, at least not on the first try.  Sometimes/often the 2nd
or 3rd try works, whereas w/o the patch it basically never succeeds
without some sort of command-line intervention.

Anyway, perhaps you can test w/ the kernel patch below applied?
It is also available in the Fedora rawhide kernels here:


I installed 2.6.23-0.73.rc2.fc8 from koji, but it really made no difference. Using a plain (from updates repo) NetworkManager, I'm simply unable to get a network connection going. No matter what I seem to do.

Using the patched NM, I can "Connect to other wireless network" and it works. But I noticed a different problem. After a warm "reboot", NM will notice the network and connect when I log in. After a cold "boot", I'll have to "Connect to other wireless network" again. Probably due to the fact that the device still has problems finding hidden networks on it's own and perhaps something is stored withing the device that makes it work after a reboot.

Anything else to try?


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