Re: NM does not work with iwl4965 device

John W. Linville wrote:
On Tue, Aug 07, 2007 at 12:28:02AM -0200, Thomas M Steenholdt wrote:

@@ -2877,6 +2883,14 @@
  	if (!nm_ap_get_broadcast (ap) && !is_adhoc)
+		/*
+		 * since using "AP_SCAN 1" for hidden networks, wpa_supplicant
+		 * does not seem to bring the essid to the device anymore...
+		 * perhaps this is a wpa_supplicant/wext/driver issue or perhaps this
+		 * is simply how it is. We set the ESSID here for now.
+		 */
+		nm_device_802_11_wireless_set_essid(self, essid);
  		if (!nm_utils_supplicant_request_with_check (ctrl, "OK", __func__, NULL,
  				"SET_NETWORK %i scan_ssid 1", nwid))
  			goto out;

Late to the party, pardon...

FWIW, there _is_ a problem w/ mac80211's pre-authentication scanning.
It doesn't probe for SSID, so it can't see hidden networks.

I have been testing the patch below with some success using the
wireless-tools package.  However, NM still seems unable to get an
association, at least not on the first try.  Sometimes/often the 2nd
or 3rd try works, whereas w/o the patch it basically never succeeds
without some sort of command-line intervention.

Anyway, perhaps you can test w/ the kernel patch below applied?
It is also available in the Fedora rawhide kernels here:


If there's indeed a problem with the kernel, it would clearly be better to fix the problem than trying to work around it. That said - the NM patch works around the problem for me. :)

I'll try with a plain, updated NetworkManager and the latest rawhide kernel later tonight. I'll report on my success.

Thanks for your input.


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