Re: disabling keyring

On 10/27/2005 07:57 AM, Antony J Mee wrote:
Derek Frye wrote:

I think the "no need to login" idea this is outside the scope of NetworkManager; it's a *desktop* application, not a server application.

But that is silly.  I feel Eric needs more support here :-)

Why? This isn't a vote. The point is that we did not design it for your use case. The fact that you even know what sshd is sort of puts you outside of our target user base. :-)

It is also absolutely reasonable for a client machine to have a server process listening on an port. sshd is the perfect example!

Yes. sshd is a good example. I agree it is 100% reasonable for a linux geek to want to do that. Also, people who like the taste of Elmer's glue find it perfectly reasonable to eat it. NetworkManager simply is not designed to handle your use case.

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