disabling keyring

After upgrading to NM version 0.51 from version 0.4 to see if there
really were some speed improvment (``Not waiting as long for scans to
complete'' in the changelog) , I found out that

	* it was still as slow as it was before
	* the new nm-applet kept asking the network key for the wifi
	  after each reboot

Imagine how deeply I regreted to have made this upgrade ! Anyway, it
seemed that there were no turning back (reinstalling the old version gave
immediate segfault on launch. Weird.), so I spent some time trying to
understand what was happening. That was difficult because of the complete
absence of any useful debuging output in nm-applet (the only error
message was ``Error saving passphrase in keyring.  Ret=2''...)
Anyway, after reading the archives of this mailing list, I found out that
keyring was the culprit.

To sum up what I have read here:
	* if it works, keyring will ask you anyway a password (the
	  keyring master password) all the time. This might get fixed in
	  the future.
	* it doesn't work and will never work for KDE users (because
	  gnome-keyring-daemon needs gnome-session), who will always need
	  to type their password (the wifi password).

So, for all the people unhappy with this keyring fonctionnality, I have
made a patch that restores the old behaviour of storing the network keys
in gconf. You will find the patch at http://tudia.nerim.net/nm/ with a
binary rpm built for fedora.


	Éric Brunet

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